What is Prop 1?

In May, the City Council approved a text amendment to property currently zoned A4. It amended use and dimensional regulations for two-family housing. It removed a restriction that a block currently have at least 40% two- or multi-family housing on the same side of the street before new two-family homes could be constructed. It allows us more options and opportunities to use our property in a way that works for how we live now and at the different stages of our lives. We are voting on if we want to reject the ordinance; we do not - we like that the ordinance allows property owners more freedom and options and want to keep it place, so we are voting no.

Aren’t two-family homes already allowed?

Yes, current zoning allows two-family homes in properties zoned A4, with a minimum 7,500 square foot lot size, but the previous strict restrictions eliminated most properties from being eligible. Removing the restrictions gives property owners more freedom to use their property in a way that works for them and the way they live.

New two-family homes will go through the same zoning review, inspection, and architectural review board processes as any other residential construction in Webster Groves and will have the same mass and scale restrictions as single-family homes.

Why doesn’t it include all of Webster Groves?

The text amendment did not rezone or re-classify current zoning. It modified existing zoning language through the normal process which included public hearings. Having it apply to all of Webster would require rezoning.

Does this have anything to do with the proposed Douglass Hill development?

No. Prop 1 is a separate issue and has nothing to do with the Douglass Hill proposed development.

Why are we voting on this?

A group of citizens who want to impose 1950s-era restrictions on new construction gathered enough signatures to place this on the August 3rd ballot to try and reject the ordinance.

Where is A4 Zoning in Webster Groves and how can I tell if my home falls in that zoning?

Approximately 68% of homes in Webster fall in A4 Residential zoning. Of those, only about half would be eligible for two-family housing based on lot size and other requirements. Here is a link to the Webster Groves Zoning Map. The darkest yellow is A4.

Does this apply to all homes in A4 Zoning?

No. While there is no exact count, it’s estimated that at least half of lots currently zoned A4 would not meet the lot size and minimum width requirements. Then there are flood plains to consider, homes in the historic district with demolition restrictions, utility easements,  off-street parking requirements, and whether or not it makes financial sense to replace what’s there.  Here is a link to a map that highlights all A4 Zoned housing in Webster (green) and the lots that would not meet the requirements (yellow).

Why does this sound different from what I’ve read and heard elsewhere?

There has been incorrect information put forth by some who would like to keep the restrictions in place. The City published a response to the misinformation with the correct information here.